Earth, Sand and Fire
 jewelry by Jackie T.Gedrose

Earth, Sand and Fire are the resources for my jewelry. 
My beach  rocks come from the Earth and are found on the Sand of Lake Ontario along with beach glass.  Sand is a key ingredient in glass and my jewelry from repurposed glass bottles. Fire turns glass rods into my lampworked glass beads.
Fire   My fascination with glass began at an early age.  I would accompany my mother to art shows to add to her vast collection of cut glass and art glass.  At home, I would always marvel at the sun shining through the windows onto the glass and projecting colors througout the room and the cut glass pieces acting as prisms.   

A few years ago, a teacher friend suggested we take a glass bead making class together.  We did and I was hooked. Lampworking was a way to relieve the stress of teaching high school mathematics and nurture my love of glass.  It also gives me an outlet for creativity while incorporating my love for math and science.  I especially like working with frit blends and seeing how they react to different colors of base beads and  to striking in a hot flame.  I use a tungsten pick to swirl the melted frit on the beads.  The frit design will determine whether the bead stays spherical or is marvered by a graphite paddle, a knife or scissors into a more free form shape.

I now have my own studio and love sitting behind the torch and 'playing with fire'.
 Earth and Sand had its beginnings years ago at Grandpa Terry's cottage in Hamlin Beach on Lake Ontario.  I would spend hours sorting and playing with lake rocks. Now, each summer at my family reunion, I walk the same beach and bring lake rocks and sea glass home to fashion into earrings, pendants and necklaces. The smallest rocks are made into earrings while the medium sized ones are placed in a tumbler with various grits and polishes for a month to bring out their luster.  The polished rock's shape and color determines whether it will be wire wrapped or framed by a tumbled piece of repurposed glass.

Each piece of my Lake Ontario Rock collection holds the fascination of childhood, memories of grandparents and the joy of time spent with Family.
I am a juried member of the Louisville Artisans' Guild and the Kentucky
Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.  I am also a member of the International
Society of Glass Beadmakers.
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